The central wall of the bar is left fashionably blank for a purpose: our concept is to let local artists show their art to their friends and the general public for free.

We do not take any commissions. If the piece of art is sold, all proceeds go straight to the artist.

Why do we think it's essential to promote Tenderloin Art?
Tenderloin was one of the oldest residential communities in San Francisco with the first mentions of Tenderloin shortly after the California Gold Rush in 1849.

Tenderloin always had a character to it. It had an active nightlife in the late 19th century with various theaters. Those led to Tenderloin providing work for many musicians in the neighborhood's theaters, hotels, burlesque houses, bars throughout the 20-th century.

For example, the most famous jazz club in San Francisco, "The Black Hawk", was located at Hyde and Turk Streets.

Tenderloin is historically an art neighborhood, and we hope it will regain its glory with the help of local businesses such as ours and good people of San Francisco.