Nova Jazz Band

july 27

august 17

Since 2006, the Nova Jazz Band has been delighting listeners throughout Northern California.

Nova Jazz is a professional jazz ensemble specializing in Classic Jazz, Swing and Bossa Nova and can be seen performing at public events and clubs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Iterum Rum Club

Rum has a long history in India, and we are excited to explore an array of India rums at this week's Iterum Rum Club on Tuesday, June 19th, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

Learn about the Old Monk dark rums from Ghaziabad in India. Their iconic rums are a staple.
- The original XXX 7 year blended rum, rich and sweet
- The Old Monk Supreme XXX in the standing monk-shaped bottle and tastes of brown sugars with baking spices, blended from rums up to 12 years
- The Old Legend, with its distinctive head shaped bottle, purportedly in the shape of the founder H.G. Meakin, the company's founder, with a vanilla, cola, and black cherry profile and blended from rums up to 18 years

From the Amrut Distillery line from Bangladore, we will be tasting two rums. Amrut, according to the legends, means the Elixir of Life.
- Two Indies Rum, a golden rum with hints of spiciness and fruit
- The Old Port Rum with whiskey notes, oak, and honey

The Cocktail of the Week will feature one of these beautiful rums, stay tuned to hear which one!

Every Tuesday all Iterum Club members get 10% off on all neat or rock pours or flights and this week also 20% off on all rums from India.

Please come and join the Club, membership is free and each week we learn about rums from around the globe!

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Silver Bell Jazz Album Release


Silver Bell Jazz album release! Yes, I know that you have purchased the CD of our fav local Jazz Band, but in case you haven't come and join us for the Release Album Party!

We will have a few tricks up our sleeves because we love to spend the night listening to light-hearted, fun jazz music performed by Ryan Calloway and his crew.
The Silver Bell Jazz Band represents authentic jazz with a beautiful blend of jazz roots that moves the soul. Ryan assembles musicians from all over the Bay Area, and you're sure to get a fresh, breathtaking experience each and every time.

As usual, there's no admission fee; we'll see you there!

May 4 at 8:00

Iterum Rum Club

Dear Rum lovers and those who want to acquire profound knowledge about this incredible spirit!

Our warmest thanks to our old friend Mac Jones, Co-owner of The Real McCoy Rum for the Real Conversation About Rum last Tuesday.

On Tuesday, May 1 from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm our special guest is the Bacardi ambassador Vanessa Crouch who will introduce new Bacardi Rums.

Every Tuesday is our rum appreciation day, and Iterum Club members get 10% off on all neat or rock pours or flights and this week also 20% off on all Bacardi Family Rums.
6:00 - 8:00

Rum&Sugar Bar
‪823 Geary Street, San Francisco‬